The 14th Design

For some designers…The 14th time's the charm :)

Ishu Kishu Milk Rusk Pouch Design

Ishu Kishu Milk Rusk Pouch Design


Ishu Kishu PP big size3.jpg


Ishu Kishu_2 Pouch.jpg

Multimedia Showreel

Multimedia Showreel – 2017

Spinner Candy Pouch design

Sooo…I’m on my final exams break which means a break from designs and work but on boss’s ‘urgent’ request pulled off another late nighter. Looks good enough!


Superhero Takeoff VFX Reel

Superhero Takeoff VFX Reel

G-Pure Masale Pouch Design

G-Pure Masale Pouch Design

50gm, With Changeable Product Name.

G-Pure Spices 50gm

Jedi Wars – The First Encounter VFX Fan Film

Jedi Wars – The First Encounter

VFX Fan Film

Morning Choice Suji Rusk

Morning Choice Suji Rusk

P.P. Packaging

Morning Choice_Packaging2

Durga Namkeen Pouch Design

Durga Namkeen Pouch Design

Durga Namkeen2Durga Namkeen2_Packing

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